Kat Pagett - A Canuck's Eye View

Why Start a Blog?

I'm a Canadian Expat and originally started my blog as a way of keeping my friends and family at home apprised of what I was seeing during my days living in the UK. It sort of grew from there.

My Daily Walk

A Canuck's Eye View

I see things sometimes that other people don't notice, or in a way that other people don't see. Mainly, this blog is about my travels, what I have seen in the distant past as well as what I see on travels I am currently undertaking

Picadilly Peccadillo

See our World through My Eyes

The stories I tell and the photographs I post are all my own. Whether the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, a walk through my village, or a visit to Nepal 20-odd years ago, it's probably in this blog. 

A Lovely People

A Canuck's Eye View