Kat Pagett - Photographer


Nature Photography

When I see beauty in the way the light touches a flower, or a puddle reflects the clouds, I try to capture it in my nature photography as I see it in life. Sometimes, the beauty is in the joy on my dog's face as she takes in her world.


Airshow Photography

Airshow photography is a constant challenge. Framing the shot so you appear to be in the air with the flight is part of the fun. I don't have massive lenses the way some airshow photographers have. Instead, good zoom and an ability to move with the planes help me get the shots.



I love to try to capture what inspires me as I move through our world. Sometimes, it's a grand vista, like the Cornish Coast or the Himalayas; at other times, it's something more homely, like a windmill in a Belgian village.

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